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The first issue of 2020 is out!

The first issue of of Peace Human Rights Governance for 2020 - PHRG 4(1), March - has just been released.

The issue includes the following research articles:

  • Upward Translations – The Role of NGOs in promoting LGBTI*-Human Rights under the Convention on All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)
    Elisabeth Greif
  • ‘Sharenting’: The Forgotten Children of the GDPR
    Sheila Donovan
  • On the Imperfect Democracy and Human Rights Nexus: China and Italy Compared
    Riccardo Nanni
  • European Migration Crisis: on the Special Relationship between Media, Political Institutions and Public Opinion
    Sabrina Mansutti
  • Addressing Migrant Women’s Intersecting Vulnerabilities. Refugee Protection, Anti-trafficking and Anti-violence Referral Patterns in Italy
    Paola Degani, Paolo De Stefani

The issue can be accessed open access here.

November 2019: the special issue on Children's Rights Facing Developments in Technology is out!

The third and last issue of 2019 (PHRG 3(3)) - a special issue on "Challenges and Opportunities for Children's Rights Facing Developments in Technology”  - is now available open access in the PHRG website.
The issue contains the following research articles:

The July issue of PHRG is out!

The second issue of 2019 - PHRG 3(2) - has just been released.

The issue includes the following articles: 

  • Aida Kišūnaitė
    Children’s Rights Protection in the EU: The Need for a Contextual Perspective
    Gözde Orhan
  • Religious Freedom Governance or Institutionalization of a Heterodox Religion? Turkey’s Urban Policies with Respect to Alevi Population
    Janina Stürner, Petra Bendel
  • The Two-way ‘Glocalisation’ of Human Rights or: How Cities Become International Agents in Migration Governance
    Lucas Costa dos Anjos, Maria Clara Oliveira Santos
  • Urban Landscapes and Dystopian Scenarios: Smart Cities for Whom? Tales of Inclusionary and Exclusionary Practices

The issue can be accessed open-access here.



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