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The July issue (vol. 2, issue 2) is out!

PHRG's second issue of 2018 has just been released!

The issue includes the following articles:

Todd LandmanOut of the Shadows: Trans-disciplinary Research on Modern Slavery 

Paola Degani, Claudia Pividori, Ending Violence against Women as Testing Ground for Women’s Human Rights Discourse: Practices, Limits and Challenges 

Alberto Dal Poz, ‘Buying Peace’ in Timor-Leste: Another UN-success Story? 

Luca Bonadiman, Human Rights and Methodological Anxieties: A Critical Essay 

Julianne Freire, The Promotion of Local Policies in Human Rights and How the Results are Affected by the Local Perspective – A Case Study

Read the issue in open access: http://phrg.padovauniversitypress.it/issue/2/2

The next deadline for submissions of manuscripts is 10th September 2018. For information about how to submit your manuscript (and to download the Word templat to format your manuscript according to PHRG guidelines), please visit the following link: http://phrg.padovauniversitypress.it/manuscript_submission_form

The new volume of PHRG (2018) starts with a rich March issue!

The new issue of Peace Human Rights Governance, the first of 2018 has just been published on this website in open access. It contains a guest editorial article by Professor Koen de Feyter (University of Antwerp) and 5 research articles.


Koen De Feyter, Leaving No One behind in Human Rights Research
Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan, Dum Vivimus Vivamus. The Tamils in Sri Lanka: a right to external self-determination?
Monika Mayrhofer, Opportunities and Pitfalls of Anti-discrimination Policies in the European External Action Service
Nicolò Cantini, Dmitry Zavialov, Fixing Responsibility to Protect: Lessons from and Proposals for the Case of Libya
Matteo Daicampi, Effective Participation of Minorities in Public Affairs in the Local Government: Towards a Subsidiarity in Diversity Accommodation? The Case of Law No. 6/2008 of the Province of Trento
Laís Kondo Claus, Luciana Romano Morilas, The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness and the Right to Access Medical Treatment: Recent Developments in Brazilian Jurisprudence
To be considered for publication in the next issue of PHRG (July 2018), manuscripts should be submitted by 5 May, following the manuscript submission instructions.



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