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Dal Poz, A. (2018).  ‘Buying Peace’ in Timor-Leste: Another UN-success Story?. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(2), 185-219.PDF icon 2018_2_3.pdf (999.18 KB)
Ananthavinayagan, T. Venthan (2018).  Dum Vivimus Vivamus. The Tamils in Sri Lanka: a right to external self-determination?. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(1), 23-50.PDF icon 2018_1_2.pdf (550.24 KB)
Daicampi, M. (2018).  Effective Participation of Minorities in Public Affairs in the Local Government: Towards a Subsidiarity in Diversity Accommodation? The Case of Law No. 6/2008 of the Province of Trento. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(1), 97-117.PDF icon 2018_1_5.pdf (417.83 KB)
Degani, P., & Pividori C. (2018).  Ending Violence against Women as Testing Ground for Women’s Human Rights Discourse: Practices, Limits and Challenges. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(2), 163-184.PDF icon 2018_2_2.pdf (384.42 KB)
Cantini, N., & Zavialov D. (2018).  Fixing Responsibility to Protect: Lessons from and Proposals for the Case of Libya. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(1), 75-96.PDF icon 2018_1_4.pdf (413.87 KB)
Bonadiman, L. (2018).  Human Rights and Methodological Anxieties: A Critical Essay. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(2), 221-253.PDF icon 2018_2_4.pdf (399.06 KB)
Pisanò, A. (2018).  Human Rights and Social Development in the Chinese White Papers on Human Rights. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(3), 301-330.PDF icon 2018_3_2.pdf (366.29 KB)
Sudha, P. Sree (2018).  Interface between Traditional Knowledge (TK) and Human Rights in Realizing Right to Health and Health Care – An Indian Perspective. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(3), 331-345.PDF icon 2018_3_3.pdf (488.02 KB)
De Feyter, K. (2018).  Leaving No One behind in Human Rights Research. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(1), 1-19.PDF icon 2018_1_1.pdf (233.39 KB)
Cau, G., Lochiam R. Miligan, Merlo M., Rossanigo P. Luigi, & Steffan M. (2018).  Local Development and Alcohol Abuse: the Case of Karamoja. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(3), 349-367.PDF icon 2018_3_4.pdf (909.66 KB)
Mayrhofer, M. (2018).  Opportunities and Pitfalls of Anti-discrimination Policies in the European External Action Service. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(1), 51-74.PDF icon 2018_1_1.pdf (233.39 KB)
Landman, T. (2018).  Out of the Shadows: Trans-disciplinary Research on Modern Slavery. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(2), 143-162.PDF icon 2018_2_1.pdf (388.24 KB)
Freire, J. (2018).  The Promotion of Local Policies in Human Rights and How the Results are Affected by the Local Perspective – A Case Study. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(2), 257-270.PDF icon 2018_2_5.pdf (317.28 KB)
Claus, L. Kondo, & Morilas L. Romano (2018).  The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness and the Right to Access Medical Treatment: Recent Developments in Brazilian Jurisprudence. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(1), 119-133.PDF icon 2018_1_6.pdf (380.15 KB)
Krivenko, E. Yahyaoui (2018).  Towards an Integrated Approach to Democracy in International Law. Peace Human Rights Governance. 2(3), 279-300.PDF icon 2018_3_1.pdf (320.34 KB)




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