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Aliyev, A. Ibrahim, Rzayeva G. Aydin, & Ibrahimova A. Nazim (2021).  Artificial Intelligence and Personal Data: International and National Framework. Peace Human Rights Governance. 5(1), 97-123.PDF icon PHRG-2021-1-04.pdf (417.92 KB)
Gottardo, R. (2021).  Building Global Algorithmic Accountability Regimes: A Future-focused Human Rights Agenda Beyond Measurement. Peace Human Rights Governance. 5(1), 65-96.PDF icon PHRG-2021-1-03.pdf (384.32 KB)
Buoncompagni, G. (2021).  Digital (Dis)integration. Narratives and Management of Migration on Social Media. Peace Human Rights Governance. 5(1), 41-64.PDF icon PHRG-2021-1-02.pdf (335.14 KB)
Carletti, C. (2021).  Digital Technology: Protection and/or Economic Value for Personal Data Knowledge and Management and Conformity to Soft Law Norms. Peace Human Rights Governance. 5(1), 125-150.PDF icon PHRG-2021-1-05.pdf (355.87 KB)
Medda-Windischer, R., & Carlà A. (2021).  European Civic Integration and Common Values: The Experience of a Board Game. Peace Human Rights Governance. 5(1), 9-39.PDF icon PHRG-2021-1-01.pdf (381.09 KB)
Falletti, V., & Nizzero M. (2021).  Fostering Integration in AFSJ: assessing the effectiveness and legitimacy of European criminal law. The case of the European Arrest Warrant. Peace Human Rights Governance. 5(2), 229-249.PDF icon PHRG 2021-2-4.pdf (334.72 KB)
Gerbelli Garbin Ramanzini, I., & Gianda Silva Matos W. (2021).  The Inter-American Human Rights System’s Digital Communication: presence, performance and legacy. Peace Human Rights Governance. 5(2), 159-184.PDF icon PHRG 2021-2-1.pdf (903.31 KB)
Savković, M. (2021).  Local Media and the Long-term Conflict Transformation: Eastern Slavonia 25 Years since UNTAES. Peace Human Rights Governance. 5(2), 185-206.PDF icon PHRG-2021-2-2.pdf (347.31 KB)
Di Donatantonio, R. (2021).  Safeguarding Religious Freedom in transitional democracies: the privileges of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo as supra-constitutional rights. Peace Human Rights Governance. 5(2), 207-227.PDF icon PHRG 2021-2-3.pdf (350.72 KB)
Pisanò, A. (2020).  The ACWC and the Adoption of the Human Rights-based Approach to the Social Development of Women and Children in Southeast Asia. Peace Human Rights Governance. 4(2), 189-214.PDF icon PHRG-2020-2-2.pdf (301.22 KB)
Degani, P., & De Stefani P. (2020).  Addressing Migrant Women’s Intersecting Vulnerabilities. Refugee Protection, Anti-trafficking and Anti-violence Referral Patterns in Italy. Peace Human Rights Governance. 4(1), 113-152.PDF icon PHRG-2020-1-5.pdf (369.83 KB)
Mansutti, S. (2020).  European Migration Crisis: on the Special Relationship between Media, Political Institutions and Public Opinion. Peace Human Rights Governance. 4(1), 89-110.PDF icon PHRG-2020-1-4.pdf (314.86 KB)
De Falco, R. (2020).  Human Rights, Fiscal Policy and Economic Pluralism: Building Inclusive Recovery after COVID-19. Peace Human Rights Governance. 4(2), 215-246.PDF icon PHRG-2020-2-3.pdf (302.75 KB)
Pavlova, P. (2020).  Human Rights-based Approach to Cybersecurity: Addressing the Security Risks of Targeted Groups. Peace Human Rights Governance. 4(3), 391-418.PDF icon PHRG-2020-3-04.pdf (304.95 KB)
Nanni, R. (2020).  On the Imperfect Democracy and Human Rights Nexus: China and Italy Compared. Peace Human Rights Governance. 4(1), 61-87.PDF icon PHRG-2020-1-3.pdf (346.01 KB)
Gilmore, J., Jackson W., Monk H., & Short D. (2020).  Policing the UK's anti-fracking movement: facilitating peaceful protest or facilitating the industry?. Peace Human Rights Governance. 4(3), 349-390.PDF icon PHRG-2020-3-03.pdf (491.65 KB)
Crippa, E. (2020).  On the severe labour exploitation of migrant women in Italy: a human rights and multi-level policy perspective. Peace Human Rights Governance. 4(3), 311-347.PDF icon PHRG-2020-3-02.pdf (359.83 KB)
Sutera, S. (2020).  Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Peacekeeping: Making Human Rights Obligations Universal. Peace Human Rights Governance. 4(2), 161-188.PDF icon PHRG-2020-2-1.pdf (290.85 KB)
Donovan, S. (2020).  ‘Sharenting’: The Forgotten Children of the GDPR. Peace Human Rights Governance. 4(1), 35-59.PDF icon PHRG-2020-1-2.pdf (308.53 KB)
Cimino, F., & Mannu D. (2020).  Smuggling, Trafficking, and Exploitation among Unaccompanied Minors Arriving in Friuli Venezia Giulia from the Middle East. Peace Human Rights Governance. 4(3), 287-309.PDF icon PHRG-2020-3-01.pdf (315.42 KB)
Cofelice, A., & de Perini P. (2020).  The Third Universal Periodic Review of Italy between Recurring Trends and New Challenges. Peace Human Rights Governance. 4(2), 249-277.PDF icon PHRG-2020-2-4.pdf (292.37 KB)