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The new volume of PHRG (2018) starts with a rich March issue!

The new issue of Peace Human Rights Governance, the first of 2018 has just been published on this website in open access. It contains a guest editorial article by Professor Koen de Feyter (University of Antwerp) and 5 research articles.


Koen De Feyter, Leaving No One behind in Human Rights Research
Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan, Dum Vivimus Vivamus. The Tamils in Sri Lanka: a right to external self-determination?
Monika Mayrhofer, Opportunities and Pitfalls of Anti-discrimination Policies in the European External Action Service
Nicolò Cantini, Dmitry Zavialov, Fixing Responsibility to Protect: Lessons from and Proposals for the Case of Libya
Matteo Daicampi, Effective Participation of Minorities in Public Affairs in the Local Government: Towards a Subsidiarity in Diversity Accommodation? The Case of Law No. 6/2008 of the Province of Trento
Laís Kondo Claus, Luciana Romano Morilas, The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness and the Right to Access Medical Treatment: Recent Developments in Brazilian Jurisprudence
To be considered for publication in the next issue of PHRG (July 2018), manuscripts should be submitted by 5 May, following the manuscript submission instructions.